Frequently Asked Questions

What's your rate? How much do you charge?

Based on our market research, standard photography rates vary from $150 to $500 per hour.  At Indy Ghost Light, we realize that this is beyond the reach of most theatrical productions and we exist precisely for the purpose of making professional-quality photography and videography accessible to every production regardless of budget.

To make this possible, Indy Ghost Light asks only that you use our time efficiently.  We will provide onsite photo or video coverage for up to 2 hours, promote your show on social media, and make additional photos available on our website for purchase.  You're welcome to donate towards our cause in any amount you wish, but there's no required payment.  Just use us wisely as we do our best to further the common cause of theatre in the Indianapolis area!

How to support Indy Ghost Light

The best way you can support us is to get us into the next show you're involved in.  We aspire to cover ALL of Indy's theatre productions large to small.

If you'd like to make a financial contribution, you can do that through several means:

Subscribe monthly through Patreon

Make a one-time contribution through Venmo

Make a one-time or monthly contribution through Paypal

I have a photographer. Why do I need you?

That's great! Having an in-house photographer is an amazing asset for headshots, rehearsal photos and social media work. I would absolutely never want to displace your hard-working everyday photographer. What I aim to do at a shoot is very different than those more traditional photographer roles though.

Firstly, I'm all about definitive moments of action and emotion shot as it happens. If your show is 3 hours long, I will run around for 3 hours searching for the perfect shots, angles and lighting the entire time. If you see me sit down, check my pulse because I'm probably dead. My goal is not only to make your show look amazing to the outside world but to make it look better than even you thought it did by bringing you captured details and moments that might have flashed by too fast to notice.

Secondly, the whole goal is to promote, promote, promote. All that running around, all those wild angles and searching for just the right moment becomes a cache of photos that we'll use to show the world how awesome your show is and tell them how to see it for themselves.

If that sounds like something you can use in addition to your regular photographer, let's chat!

OK! How do I get on your calendar?!

You can contact us in a few ways:


Phone/Text: 317-753-1351

Facebook: Indy Ghost Light Photography

Book online with Calendly

Note that Calendly is not 100% accurate in that some dates may have availability but do not show on the site.  If in doubt, please ask and arrangements may be possible!

Do you do Video?

Yes!  This is not my primary area of expertise but I do have professional video equipment and we're happy to video record your show.